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Hi - I'm Brenda LaRose!

Passionate about sharing my love for the awe-inspiring beauty of the lakes and woods.

Armed with palette knives and acrylic paint, I express my love of the rugged, yet peaceful, scenes that so many people are drawn to for refuge from our busy world. I am a self-taught painter, with experience in painting a vast array of subject matter, but nothing comes close to the connection I have with the spirit of northern Ontario.


As I glide across the lake in my kayak I marvel at the splendour of nature. At daybreak, I am moved beyond words by the grandeur and enduring optimism of the sunrise. During the day, the warmth of the sun envelopes me like a comforting embrace. And the evening provides a salute to all the glory of the day, as the light fades away softly.


My current process includes layers of paint applied with palette knives, creating texture and depth that cannot be achieved with brushes. Sometimes thick, sometimes thin, always purposeful. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

I have been commissioned to paint many paintings, and enjoy working with customers to create just the right feel for their unique painting.  It really gives me goosebumps to see the happiness of my customers when they receive their artwork and hang it in a place of pride in their home.


I invite you to contact me to discuss commissioning a painting for yourself or someone special in your life. 

I also love to paint for events, so if you are looking for someone to paint for your fundraiser or event, let's talk!

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